NaNoWriMo | Camp NaNo. Get Lost. Write.

That’s exactly what I need. To be told to Get lost and Write. Because, seriously, there is no way on earth I’m going to be able to edit those awful 50,000 words I wrote in November unless I do NaNo again. Oh I tried, in our Facebook group, NaNoWrimo for Muslims. We agreed to dedicate one day a week to work on our novels and that went down the drain real fast. I managed one day and lost the will when I realised just how much work needed to be done.

Then someone in the group suggested Camp NaNoWriMo. I’d never participated previously  and didn’t even know what it involved.

Camp NaNoWriMo is basically an open ended version of NaNoWrimo – a creative retreat for whatever you want to write, fiction of non-fiction. Word counts can be between 10,000 and 1,000,000 (seriously, who can write that much?) and there are two camps each year, one in April and one in July. And people like me really need these camps, because how else can I make myself write unless I have a deadline enforced upon me?

It will be a little different this time, as I have my novel written and I’m working on editing rather than writing from scratch – that means writing full, grammatically correct sentences and not something I would expect from an 8 year old. knowing myself, I will probably end up rewriting the original 50,000 words and since it takes longer to write worthy sentences, I can’t expect to rewrite the full 50,000. So, my aim will be 25,000 words. Good words. Awesome words. I would love to take on Camp July also, but I am aware that the first half of July will be Ramadhan and there is no way I could churn out the rest of the 25k whilst fasting. Perhaps I’ll join in the last 10 days for 10k.

I’m actually excited about this now – NaNoWriMo does that to you. For the past three months I’ve been dreading and avoiding my 50k like the plague. I did have a read through, and fellow NaNo-er Sazida Desai got us to write blurbs for our novels in our Facebook group and sharing them with each other for advice. Of course, mine sucked. Although I had both reached 50,000 and actually written the story from start to finish, there were many loopholes and other minor storylines that hadn’t been written.  I still had no idea how exactly my story was going to work. So that’s what I’m going to do from now until April – plan my story so that I have the basic structure done, and then I can just get on and write it. In good words. Spelt correctly. I’m excited.

Bring on Camp NaNo.

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