NaNoWriMo 2014

It’s NaNo month already?! The last year has literally swooped past and here I am again… National Novel Writing Month starts in four days and I am literally shaking in my boots. Which is crazy, because this my third year of NaNo and it should really be routine by now.

I guess there are two reasons why I’m nervous: 1) I’ve hardly written anything since the beginning of this year because I was too busy organising a wedding and then too overwhelmed by married life to get back to my normal routine, and 2) now that I’m getting myself back to writing I’ve actually got a number of writing deadlines in November so it is going to require some juggling and a lot of hardcore writing. Oh dear God.

So NaNo supplies this year will not only include the traditional trip to Paperchase for a mountain of notebooks in various sizes and pens in various colours, but also a trip to the local Sainsbury’s for a large trolley-full of chocolate and tea and anything else with tonnes of sugar and caffeine to keep me going.

As usual, I’ve done no preparation this year for NaNo – isn’t that how it’s meant to be done? I’ve decided to put my current novel aside and start something new. Actually that’s a lie. It’s not new – I’m planning to turn my Reluctant Spinster story into a novel as I think it has the potential for a much longer read. It will also be easier to work on a novel that I’m not starting from scratch and already have structure, chronology and characterisation sorted.

NaNo will be a little more exciting this year as I know of many more fellow Muslim Women NaNo-ers who will be participating this year. We’ve got a NaNo writing group going, a twitter page from where I’ll be tweeting and a facebook page so do feel free to join in the fun if you fancy a bit of NaNo-ing this year.

I am terribly nervous and yet totally excited – let the NaNo-ing commence!

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