Drama | Sparkhouse (BBC, 2002)

I accidentally came across this modern drama inspired by Wuthering Heights the other day. I don’t think any other adaptation of the novel has been as passionate or as gripping as this. I will shamefully admit that I cried bucketloads watching this drama starring Sarah Smart, Joe McFadden and Richard Armitage. Smart’s heartbreaking performance certainly satiated my masochistic love for tragedy. There is something about her that reminds me of Justine Waddell’s acting in Tess of the D’Ubervilles (1998) and perhaps even the character of Tess herself. Because this is more of an inspired drama, I can’t really pick any holes or angrily stamp my feet at encountering any deviations. I actually think that a female Heathcliff and male Cathy is actually more believable than vice versa – at least on-screen. The viewer remains sympathetic towards Carol, the character Smart plays, throughout the course of the drama, most likely because she is less vindictive than Heathcliff and is not driven by hate but the need to make a life for her daughter. As with Tess, I could watch this over and over. Definitely five stars!

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